Manufacturers are every day challenged by the value chain they rely on. They not only have to ensure that the right set of skills are present within their own organization. In today’s international world - they also rely heavily on the performance of their sales and service partners.  This makes the training need even more complex and challenging.

Why video eLearning can be a game changer for modern manufacturers!

Simplify onboarding of new employees or changes in job functions: It is good business to make employee onboarding and relocation as efficient as possible. Video eLearning is perfect for this.

Employee Retention and Training: Many manufacturing sectors are having a difficult time finding competent labor and retaining their current workforce. uQualio® can greatly support employee training for new employees and continuously train, support and improve the current workforce through its video eLearning platform.

Safety and compliance tracking: It’s important to keep track of employees who are attending safety trainings, document it, and if necessary, follow up. Test the employees on the material to ensure they have learned the material. 

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Partners, Vendors, and Distributors: The need to train these partners and ensure their competence in sales, technical support and implementation is critical. As even small companies increasingly have international activities, eLearning is the best and most efficient way to go.

Automation to decrease cost and increase quality: The more automated processes are in a manufacturing company, the better. These processes help greatly to reduce costs and the margin for human errors, while at the same time freeing up employees to focus on other, more value adding tasks. 

Need for information on demand: When working on a manufacturing line, within technical installation, or customer support, the need for immediate information is critical.

Mobile-friendly: Some employees are on the factory floor or warehouses, and need to use uQualio® either on mobile, tablet or PC. uQualio® is optimized to be used on any device. Some do not have access to computers or workstations and can choose to access the platform using only a mobile device.

Training can be revisited: Complex topics cannot be understood in a single attempt. Repeated training helps individual’s perfect complex knowledge. Revisiting training sessions ensures employees don't forget important learning points. uQualio® courses are always readily available.

Training can be technical: eLearning based on video combined with more in-depth documents is perfect for instructional and technical training.

Courses are easy to create, make available and understand: You only need one system. On uQualio® it is easy to create and make courses available that can be understood by everyone. Whether it is product training, process training, manufacturing good practices, or even sales training, you can easily use videos to create engaging interactive eLearning courses and make them directly available on any device.

International Courses: With international activities, you can have as many channels as you need on uQualio®, and you can make courses in the languages you need.

Bite sized courses: You can break down complex manufacturing and assembling processes into bite sized audio + video courses, content that then becomes perfect to be revisited and reviewed.

Examples: Below are a few links to courses, which can give you inspiration for how you can create and publish courses on uQualio​®:

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